Hi Ladies,

Kathy Mcshane

If you are a woman who has the idea for a business or has started a business and is feeling stuck, Ladies Launch Club is for you. We have a strong community of women who want to help other women to deal with challenges  that female entrepreneurs face including not knowing where to start or what resources are needed.

As the founder and CEO of Ladies Launch Club, I am determined to make female entrepreneurs successful.

Ladies Launch Club, an online and in-person organization, connects women to other women who have the shared goal of being successful entrepreneurs. Ladies Launch Club provides educational resources and vital exposure for women and their businesses.

And, just as importantly, camaraderie.

Through my former affiliation with Ladies Who Launch, Connecticut as its managing director, I helped thousands of female entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. Working with women is my passion and seeing them grow as business owners and as people gives me tremendous satisfaction.

I understand the challenges – as well as the rewards – of owning your own business. I began my entrepreneurial career when I founded Kendrew Group, Ltd., an award-winning, multimillion dollar business.  And I’ve brought what I’ve learned in my more than 25 years of experience to my undertakings as an adjunct professor at New York University, as a motivational speaker and as the founder of the “Exceptional Women Series.”

Above all else, my energy comes from seeing the success of the women I have mentored.


Kathy McShane